Tile Cleaning

The tile and grout in your home is often a challenge to keep clean. The grout seems to get dirty as soon as you are done cleaning, and no matter how hard you scrub, it never looks as good as it once did. The problem many homeowners are not even aware of is those cleaning solutions that you are using to attempt to clean the tile and grout are actually making it worse. Here are some benefits to using a professional tile and grout cleaning service in your home or business.
When your are scrubbing the grout in between the tiles, you could actually be causing more damage than good. Chemicals that contain bleach actually break down the composition of the grout, making the pores larger than they were before you began cleaning. When you scrub the tiles with a chemical that contains bleach, your attracting more dirt in a shorter period of time. The larger pores mean larger pieces of debris can easily become trapped in the grout, making it appear dirtier even faster.
The team at Proteck Carpet Cleaning will scrub your tiles and your grout so they look as clean and fresh as they did the day they were installed. The the team will apply a coating to the grout to lock in that clean appearance and help to keep bacteria and mold from easily getting trapped in their again. The end result is your tile and grout look cleaner for much longer.

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Carpet Cleaning

Your carpeting might look clean to the naked eye, but if you were to take a closer look you would become concerned with all the dirt, debris, and contaminants trapped in those carpet fibers. The bacteria and allergens make their way into the home by way of the bottom of your shoes, and easily become trapped deep down in the carpet fibers. The only way to have those items removed is with vacuuming regularly, but many home vacuums are simply not up to the task.
The bacteria and allergens trapped in the carpet are difficult to remove with a store bought vacuum. If mold has already begun to spread from moisture in the carpet, the only way to successfully remove it is with a professional carpet cleaning service. The team at Proteck Carpet Cleaning have the tools and the expertise to remove those contaminants quickly the first time.

The Proteck Carpet Cleaning experts will then treat your carpet with a protectant designed to make sure any future spills or debris do not get trapped deep down in the carpet before you have a chance to access it with your vacuum. Regular scheduled cleanings will ensure your home is safe from bacteria and mold so it does not hurt the respiratory system of family members.

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Steam Cleaning

Did you know there are more pollutants indoors than outdoors? That’s because your carpet and rugs trap dirt and allergens as you bring them into your home when you walk in every day. Vacuuming can only do so much—you need to have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned to truly remove any old dirt, mites and pet hair. The steam cleaning process entails using hot water to get into the deep layers of your carpet. With a little steam and a great technique, your carpets will be looking as good as new! You know you are in good hands with an experienced crew like ours!

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Jenny Viditz-Ward, Colorado
I recently had the pleasure of hiring ProTeck Tile and Carpet Cleaner, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The transformation was incredible – our tile looked as if it had just been installed, absolutely brand new! The chemicals they used had a pleasant scent and were gentle yet effective, leaving no invasive or abrasive residue behind.Their five-star service exceeded all of our expectations! Highly, highly recommend! Sincerely, Jenny V-W
Diane, Hotchkiss, CO
Excellent work! Tina did an amazing job cleaning some really tough saltillo tile. She was responsive, communicative, hard working, and professional! She cared about the quality of her work and even came back to work on spots that she wasn't happy with and to seal tile. I'd hire her again in a second and recommend her highly!
Nancy, Cedaredge, Colorado
Tina and Cory tackled the carpet in a rental that had pet stains. They were very conscientious in treating them and located additional stains that i had not noticed. They were thorough in cleaning the carpet throughout the house. They were prompt and personable and professional. I recommend their service.
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